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Electric power dream

THE DREAM Electric power. I was in some kind of aircraft and we were going near to some electric power lines. We went near the source of the power lines to some kind of power station. We were flying awfully close to the power lines and it we nearly cut them.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer tried turning on his radio immediately on waking but it was not working.He checked a couple of other devices and it became obvious that there was a power cut. Power cuts happen very infrequently where the dreamer lived. The dreamer was worried that the power cut was something to do with some building work nearby. This was causing the dreamer extreme stress as he was worried he had caused it.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams can seem to link to the future. People often link premonitions to big and disastrous events. But actually premonitions can be about very mundane things and they can come true almost immediately as you wake up.

This dream is extremely interesting as it features a plane which nearby cuts the power lines (if you cut the power lines then you have a power cut). So this was a major coincidence.

Is there a possibility that the dreamer picked up on something whilst asleep which hinted at a power cut? The dream does seem remarkable. It is possible that the dreamer had overheard a neighbour talking saying something like "it's definitely a power cut." That is the only explanation for this other than a premonition. The dreamer thought that unlikely.

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