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Dark figure surrounds me in woods - dream analysis

THE DREAM It is black and then a light shines and shows this dark figure then the figure starts running and I am surrounded by woods chasing this figure who keeps saying " find me lexie please find me " then all of a sudden the figure stops it gets really bright and everything goes black again and I wake up. (Saved from

THE REALITY The dreamer had this dream and immediately realized that something was wrong. Everyone else thought he had run away. Yet she knew this was not the case. She told the sheriff he would be found in the woods and would not be alive. He had hung himself in the woods. The dreamer has since had this dream many times.

DREAM ANALYSIS It is possible to see this dream as a coincidence as he was missing at the time of the first dream. As with all premonitions its always easy to argue that there is some rational explanation. But in this dream the dreamer felt the exact emotions that a man would feel who was on the verge of suicide.

Of course its possible to argue both ways so its really up to individual to see this dream in whatever way it is seen. It may have just captured extreme anxiety. It may have captured telepathic knowledge of exactly what had happened. But undoubtedly the dream links to the missing husband. She was either sensing that something was wrong intuitively or it was telepathy. People who believe in rational explanations can no more prove that their answer is more right than those who see a psychic connection. The dream world always asserts its right to mystery.

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