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General in charge - dream analysis

THE DREAM - I am a General directing a war. Soldiers are all around me. Everything is under control even though it is a war.

THE REALITY This dream was a premonition of a very bad day ahead. It was a real struggle just like the dream. Things went wrong that day but during all that the dreamer managed to maintain composure. It was a real struggle but he managed to get through due to resolve.

INTERPRETATION Soldiers can often symbolise resilience. They have to endure harsh circumstances and a tough environment. War is a test of someone's resolve. The dream was in many ways a classic dream which captured a moment. This was a premonition but of the emotions from the day ahead. They matched entirely.

Symbolic Meanings
SOLDIER : "tough and resilient - able to manage everything thrown at you"
WAR : "a tough situation with many challenges"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this dream was a premonition of the day ahead. It was a constant struggle all day long. But all day long I remained calm and able to cope."

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