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Reading of tragedy of ship sinking - precognitive dream

Premonitions rarely spell out a disaster in factual detail. This dream seems to be a remarkable premonition.

THE DREAM - I am reading a newspaper. There is a photo of the ship I am serving on. It has been involved in a tragedy.

THE REALITY The dreamer had this dream whilst on board the westonrie. It sank in 1927 off Scarborough. When he woke up he told the ships Captain who laughed at the suggestion that something bad was going to happen as the weather was perfect. The next day though fog descended and the vessel collided with another ship off Scarborough. Everyone came off none the worse for their experience but the vessel was lost.

THE INTERPRETATION If a dream comes true then it will often come true immediately. So the fact that this vessel sank the next day does make it a potentially strong premonition.

The only reason a boat would be featured in a newspaper was if it was involved in a tragedy. So this is an excellent symbol. The dream cannot be said to be intuitive. There was realistically no worries that the ship would sink. The weather was perfect.

It is conceivable that the dream has some other meaning but not likely.

Symbolic Meanings
NEWSPAPER HEADLINE: "The dreamer saw the tragedy ahead of time"

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