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Newly built bridge

Bridges are often symbols of new phases in your life. This "newly built bridge" dream occurred just after the dreamer had had a new baby.

THE DREAM I'm standing in an expansive, dark cave with a low ceiling and dirt floors. There are people I know there with me, my husband, family, etc. It seem to be where we're all living or always hang out. A long, narrow bridge appears extending a few feet from where I'm standing to the cave entry, which is pretty far away and filled with sunlight. My husband's friend Mitch walks up to me, afraid to make eye contact, and says he "just built the bridge for me"... I'm assuming to leave the dark cave and go outside in the sunlight.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I have a strong crush on my husband's friend, something I'm trying to get over but am having a hard time with. I'm also in a transition period after childbirth- emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, you name it.

Posted at September 2, 2011, 16:05 by LaurenE (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED September 3, 2011, 21: 6: 25) Crushes are difficult to deal with. You still seem attached to him. He obviously makes you feel better just seeing him. In the dream he is building a bridge for you... FOR YOU. So he is taking you to places in your mind.

Yet he does not make eye contact... what does that mean? It could be your minds way of saying.. he likes me even though he does not make it obvious.

The dark caves must mean something? I have often thought caves represent the inner mind.. possibly in this case your own introverted side. It maybe means that you are doing a lot of deep thinking.

Putting the dream together maybe it represents how you are dealing with a period of introversion. Your crush is helping you get out of some deep thinking...

Iceberg rose (POSTED September 4, 2011, 16: 7: 46) I like this interpretation.

LaurenE (POSTED September 4, 2011, 21: 7: 09) These are all clear and simple ideas for me to grasp and think about, thanks for your input.

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