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Spider poses no threat dream

This spider dream was linked to the dreamers phobias. Touching a spider was a symbol for a new daring mood.

THE DREAM I saw a huge spider and was thinking what I could do. I squashed it and kept my hand on it until I thought it dead. I was not fearful in fact I felt quite daring. Whilst it was there there was another smaller spider there which I considered no threat at all.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Generally the dreamer was very timid and phobic. He hated large spiders and so would not touch a spider in this way in real life. Just recently he had become a lot more confrontational and oppositional which clashed with his timid nature.

The dream captured these thoughts within the dreamer - "I am not usually as daring as this. I would normally be timid - but right now I am very confrontational and oppositional". Dreams will often translate into thoughts like this as we use dreams to monitor our own personality and changes within it.

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