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Best friend on bus dream

Sometimes dreams will hint at quite complex ideas with just images. There are no people on the bus in this dream - at the same time the dreamer had been thinking how well he was getting on without any people around him. That is not just a coincidence. Dreams will be about little feelings like this as we attempt assess how well or badly we are doing.

THE DREAM - I am on a bus. There are no people in it. My best friend is there.

THE REALITY The dreamer was working from home at that time. He was normally glad to be at work and mixing with people. But just at that time he was happy to be at home and was quietly using the opportunity to get some things sorted that needed to get sorted.

THE INTERPRETATION In some ways buses can be odd symbols. Yet in other ways they will always link to people in some way. In this case the symbolic meaning of buses was quite easy to understand as the dreamer was working from home and not really meeting anyone at all. This was not going to be a permanent situation. But for that moment this was not such a problem. The bus then symbolised his lack of involvement with people at that time. After all it was empty.

Best friends will often link to an ideal situation. In this case the dreamer felt that this actually was an ideal situation as it was allowing him to get some things sorted out at home around the house. It allowed him to concentrate on the things he wanted to concentrate on rather than get embroiled into other peoples problems.

Often dream will home in on our true feelings. In most cases the dreamer would not like working from home as he was happy to get out into the world and mix with people. But in this case and at this time he was quite happy to work from home for a short period. So this dream captures his own unique response to this situation - it would normally be a situation he would not like but actually right now it was suiting his mood.

Symbolic Meanings
BEST FRIEND: "an ideal situation - the dreamer was quite enjoying this opportunity to be alone as it gave him freedom to sort out some things at home"
BUS : "sharing experiences with other people - in this case the dreamer is a little cut off from people and the outside world for a short while(hence the empty bus) "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am not getting much contact with people at the moment because I am working from home. Normally I would not want to do this but right now its probably ideal as its allowing to get a few things sorted at home around the house."

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