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Boring friend dream

DREAM - boring old friend I was with someone who I used to know (who often annoyed me). He was trying to show how clever he is and was trying to impress. I was turned off and bored by him in the dream.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dreamer had not seen the person in the dream for a long time because he simply annoyed the dreamer. Just recently the dreamer had been constantly trying to avoid someone (different from the dream) but was finding him difficult to shake off. He had become increasingly bored by this person and was irritated by his presence. So the person in the dream was probably a symbol for people who irritate the dreamer. The dream also probably captures the feeling that the dreamer had tried to rid himself of this person but was finding it difficult to avoid him. He had thought he had managed to shake him off but just like the annoying old friend would simply not go away.

DREAM MEANING: The dream seems to feature two themes. (1)Avoiding (2)Annoying person. The dreams meaning weaves together these two themes and builds up into this feeling "I have been trying to avoid him but I simply cannot. He is so boring. Whatever I do or wherever I go he turns up." Dreams will capture strong emotions like this. Often moments when we are completely exasperated are replayed in dreams.

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