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Scared of tornado - dream analysis

THE DREAM My dream took place in an unfamiliar location, it reminded me of these long back roads with open fields and trees in the distance that I used to drive around on in Baton Rouge (River Road), so this setting seemed a little more funnel-friendly. Anyway, the skies were somewhat clear, but I remember watching them stir up more so than the prior dream, as if to build up the fear in me. The trees were also so chlorophyll green, as was the grass. In this dream, there were about 5 consecutive tornadoes. Each tornado took the same path. It would form away in the distance, then veer off to the right, and then head back toward my direction. I remember being scared, but relieved it was headed the other direction, until it started to come my direction, then I'd get into a car or flee by foot and try to run from it. I would be running for my life, then it would ascend into the skies, I'd be relieved, just to watch another form. I remember once again, when one would come directly in contact with me, thinking I am going to die and wondering how I didn't when the tornado would pass over me. At one point I was hiding in a house face down and could feel the tornado go over my body, There was no pain or cuts from debris, just pure fear and I could feel the pressure from the whirling funnel go over me. This dream evoked more fear, for there was constant fear, relief, fear, relief as the tornadoes formed and ascended over and over again.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had this dream the night before he had to meet with the landlord today of a new group house he was moving into. He was moving out of the apartment he shared with his brother.

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1. CONSECUTIVE TORNADOES. If the dream was caused by the dreamers move then the consecutive tornadoes could represent the stress and turmoil of the move. If we move then there is a hundred and one things to do.
2. CLEAR SKIES. Clear skies generally indicate settled circumstances. It is likely that the skies are clear because the dreamer seems on the surface settled and happy. The tornado is taking place at a time when things are going well. Yet the dreamers move will cause massive turmoil.
3. PRESSURE. The pressure may represent the pressure of moving.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers fathers cancer. The dream deals with the following themes
- stress and change
- one thing after another
If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts - "It will be really stressful tomorrow. I am moving and there will be on be thing after another."

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