Floating body in water dream

THE DREAM Its a very short dream. There is a dead body submerged lifelessly in the water. Its moving slowly and seems quite eerie.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been trying to improve his relationship with a woman he was attracted to. He realised that he did not have much chance with her but merely wanted to be on good terms. He had just recently started talking with her. But the previous day he had ignored her. All the progress he made with her was down the drain. He ended up feeling fed up.

THE INTERPRETATION Most dreams are in the here and now. This is a very moving and evocative dream with an eerie dead body. It is quite easy to see how this captured the dreamers mood from the night before. He ended up feeling very deflated and depressed because of what had happened the day before. The dead body represented this lifeless feeling. Its death perhaps represented the recent failure. Recent progress was now replaced by this 'dead in the water' mood.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
DEAD IN THE WATER: "This is a metaphor for the dreamers real life mood - he felt deflated and defeated by his failure with this woman he was attracted to"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been trying to get on better terms with this woman I am attracted too. I had managed to do this a couple of days ago but yesterday I just ignored her. All that progress was destroyed."

See how the Symbolic meanings symbolise the dreamers mood from the previous night

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