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Pretty girls - dream interpretation

THE DREAM - The dream starts with me choosing a magazine in a store. I want a magazine with lots of pictures of pretty girls in.

There is this girl - she is very pretty. She is going in the opposite direction to me. I find out that her parents are not going to be away for the night. If the parents had not been home then I had the intention of having sex with the girl.

THE REALITY The dreamers boss was back from holiday and the dream represented the wish for the continuance of the good times from a week before

THE INTERPRETATION This dream came the first day the dreamers boss was back from a weeks holiday. The magazine with beautiful women in represented the various good times the dreamer had had whilst the boss was away. The store represents the willingness for more good times.

Often pretty girls can symbolize good times and good feelings for men. But the girl was going in the opposite direction showing that some feeling was now less accessible or attainable.

So one thing to notice from this dream was that the dream was about INTENTIONS. The intention to get the girl and the intention to get away with an easy life whilst the boss was away.

Symbolic Meanings
OPPOSITE DIRECTION "this week things will be going in the opposite direction. The good times have passed and now things are going in reverse"
PARENTS : "sensible - the parents represent the dreamers boss so the dreamer has to improve his own behavior"
PICTURE : "picturing the way he wants things to be - the dreamer wants to have things like they were the previous week "
STORE : "the choices available to you at present - the dreamers opportunities to have an easy time at work"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "It would be great if things could continue in the same way they were last week. The boss was away and I could do whatever I wanted"

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