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Disaster (tidal wave) dream

The night before this tidal dream the dreamer had been scared at the thought of having to go on some fair ground rides the next day. Perhaps this tidal wave dream was a symbol that this was "too much".

DREAM - Tidal Disaster (tidal wave) I remember walking on a beach during an overcast but pleasant day. I can't recall if I was initially alone or not. Next thing I remember is walking up and down the beach with my boss notifying everyone to get out of the water and move inland as behind them is a large wave. There was a sense of urgency but not panic. Some take our advice as others try to jump it. The waves are consistent however growing in size and intensity. We decide to go to our house to seek shelter. It's odd because there were 2 other groups of people staying in the house with us. We get into the living room, I pick up my 65lbs Pit bull and head to our portion of the house. She's cute, relaxed and happy. When I get there I see familiar faces. Next thing I can remember is being outside assessing the situation. It looks like the wave intensity is growing and will eventually reach the house. My boss and I are both calm and realize this is a serious situation that we need to wait out. My boss darts away from the house to an unknowing person. I turn towards the water and see it has reached us....I grab my co-worker (intern who works for me) and throw us into the house. The wave crashes into the house. Nothing seems to be damaged. I tell her we need to move further in and into our room. I can feel that the next wave could potentially be the wave that is the last wave we see or a sign we will make it through. I get a call on my phone but don't pick it up fast enough to find out who was calling. I call back but I don't have reception. I also notice it wasn't a traditional number. It was a few random letters and characters in red. I look through the house, through the glass French doors and see the disaster at the door. I grab my co-worker and tell her it is time to go to the closet. I can still see the wave swelling as we reach for the closet. I step in as it is going to crash. My last thought was....let's see how this goes. Then I woke up.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I work as a project manager for large scale events and we had a busy day at work. Which is usual starting 2 weeks before an event. Within the last couple hours before going to bed I was planning my day at an amusement park. We were watching videos of the new rides and I was getting scared. I was definitely worked up and nervous for the day to follow.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well a tidal wave can symbolize something going wrong.... so yes these fears about an amusement park could have triggered the dream. I can also see elements of your personality coming into this. You perhaps approach these fears like you approach work...

"There was a sense of urgency but not panic"

This seems to be a key part.... perhaps your own response to these fairground rides that were freaking you out.

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