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Enemy territory dream

Think of dreams as metaphors for your thoughts. In this case a dream about venturing into enemy territory was a metaphor for a confrontational situation the next day
DREAM - Enemy territory I had lost something precious and was attempting to go back to collect it. I was quite courageous and part of this army venturing into battle. This was very much the front line.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The next day the dreamer was very likely to see a man she was very much in love with. She had fallen out with him and not spoken to him properly for several weeks. The enemy territory in the dream was symbolic of the dreamer thinking about the possible hostile situation the next day (enemy territory is overwhelmingly hostile). But the dream also captured the dreamers feelings about meeting him - in the dream she is venturing without fear. This captured her bold mood - previously she had just been avoiding him.

Overall the bold mood and the feelings of hostility capture this exact feeling within the dreamer - "I am sure to see him tomorrow. I am not scared of this possible meeting but I know it might be a tricky and potentially hostile situation". So the dream was simply playing out a fear concerning the next day.

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