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A scary staircase - dream symbol

THE DREAM I am in some dark and scary staircase. It is a daunting place. The staircase reminds me of the club and the room where activities are held.

THE REALITY The dreamer was wanting to visit a club. He really wanted to take part in some activities there but also felt daunted. He felt out of place amongst some of the people.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are very much in the here and now. They regurgitate prominent feelings and emotions often specifically from the day before. This dream seems easy to interpret as the staircase reminded the dreamer of a club he had just started to visit. This daunting feeling was putting him off but he enjoyed the activities so much that he wanted to continue attending even though he felt out of place amongst the patrons there.

Dream symbol Meanings
STAIRCASE: "This reminds the dreamer of the staircase at a club that he had just started to attend"
DAUNTING: "The dreamer felt an identical feeling walking up the stairs at this club feeling out of place"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really want to go to this club tomorrow. I feel daunted and out of place there but I will still keep going"
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