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Dream - pornography

THE DREAM - I was stood watc‌hing some people in what seemed to be my bedroom. I was worried that they might notice all my porn magazines there (they were all dirty magazines not ‌internet porn. It was all a bit old fashioned) . They kept flicking open one page at a time. They went right through the whole magazine and then went through all again. I was thinking how I would deny that these were mine. Later, I was looking through all these. I remember thinking that they were not particularly good. In fact most of the photos were of women with all their clothes on, they were not even naked. They also did not look particuarly sexy.

THE REALITY The dreamer was due to take some photos of a fashion show for older women. He was worried that they might think he was a bit of pervert taking loads of pictures of women. This was made worse because he did feel a bit turned on by the thought of taking photos of good looking women. He was hoping to be seen as a sophisticated and glamorous fashion photographer. He feared he might be seen as a sleazy old pervert. He was aware that this was an older ladies fashion show and so it was highly unlikely that these photos would be the sexual fantasy that he was anticipating.

THE INTERPRETATION In analysing a dream you make associations. In short, you could for little connections.

This dream features one important association. In real life he was due to take photos the next day. In the dream he is looking at many photos. This is a simple connection and hints that the dream is about some feelings associated with this fashion shoot.

In real life the dreamer felt a little ashamed of himself because he knew that he was feeling a little turned on by the thought of taking photos of glamorous women. The dream does feature a similar theme as he feels ashamed that lots of porn photos have been discovered in his bedroom.

In the dream the dreamer is thinking that it will be difficult to deny that these porn photos are his because they have been discovered in his bedroom. Whose else's would they be. This hints at the thought "I would hate to be accused of being a sleazy old man taking fashion photos because that is partially true. Its difficult to deny something when it is true!"

There are other little associations you can make. In the dream these porn photos were not particularly sexy and most of the women in them (in fact all) were fully clothed. This hints at this type of thought "I am getting sexually turned on by the thought of taking these fashion photos but I do realise that most of these will not be particularly sexy. It is fashion show for older ladies. It will probably feature sensible coats and floral dresses."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am going to take pictures of this fashion show. I just worry that they might think I am a bit of a perv taking loads of photos of these women. It's made worse because I do feel a bit turned on by the thought of all those sexy women. I would hate to be accused of being a sleazy old man because that would be at least partially true."

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