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I was a bicycle dream

THE DREAM I was a bicycle. I dreamed I was a black and white bicycle hanging on a vertical bike carrier; except the bike carrier was my husbands back.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been worrying about her loss of libido and lack of intimacy with her husband.

DREAM ANALYSIS: It is often best to interpret dreams in reverse. Look for important feelings that are likely to trigger dreams and then try to see how the dream symbolism could link to that issue. In Real life the dreamer was worried about her lack of sex drive and intimacy with her husband. How could this dream connect to that issue?

Firstly, the dreamer dreamt that she was a bike. She dreamt that she was a machine. Machines lack emotions and so they could link to any issue involving a lack of emotions. It could easily represent this feeling "I cannot seem to be intimate with my husband"

Notice also that the bike is a very physical activity just like sex. But the bike doesn't do anything its the rider who makes it work. That could link in with thoughts like "I just lie there whilst we have sex". People also use bike metaphors for sex. They say "she is like a bike" to describe a woman who has lots of sexual partners.

Notice that the dreamer was just hanging there in the dream. She seemed very passive. That is another connection with sex. Again it links with the dreamer being a "passive lover". Again it leads on to thoughts like "I just lie there while we have sex".

So lets build up a picture of the associatons we have made. We have twice linked symbols to the phrase "I just lie there whilst he has sex". We also noted that the dreamer was a machine and therefore "machine like in her emotions." So we build these two associations up into a bigger thought which is actually the dreams meaning "I feel like a machine. I am unable to express emotions properly. During sex I just lie there whilst he does everything. I think this is a real problem."

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