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Village fair dream

THE DREAM I was walking down towards some village fair. The place seemed to have a friendly feel to it and everyone was talking to each other. I was walking down the street trying to avoid everyone.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer knew that there was going to be an exhibition the next day that would be going on at a Community Centre he would be visiting. He did not like social events and often avoided people. There were a number of people who might go to this exhibition which he might bump into so the dreamer was thinking how he could avoid these people the next day. There was one person in particular who the dreamer thought might turn up who he especially wanted to avoid.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams often link to issues from the day before. Other dreams look forward to the day to come. If you are extremely excited or extremely nervous about something the next day then it's likely that you will dream about it.

This dreamer was a shy retiring type and he hated being around people. The next day there was an exhibition at a community centre he would go to which he wanted to avoid. His dream shows him already in "avoidance mode" as he was already practising this in his sleep. If something is on our minds about the next day we may rehearse what we will do in our dreams.

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