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Still alive - dream symbol

THE DREAM I was in some community centre. There was some kind of jumble sale going on. I spotted a little something. It turned out to be a little bag with various interesting objects in. I then looked at the desk of this woman. I was looking at her files. Then we all realized that she was actually still alive.

The scene then switches to a car. There is a young girl there. She is looking a little disgruntled. The window ledge of the car was laminated shut. This was so she couldn't do anything. She seemed to be treated like a little child. She was sat in the passenger seat.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been having problems with someone at work. She had a tendency to panic. He had confronted her about this a few days before. The next day would make it clear how she felt about this. He liked her and did not want to alienate her.

THE INTERPRETATION Many dreams are linked to the previous day. They represent your thoughts about recent events. Sometimes the mind is pointing forwards to the next day. Its logical therefore that dreams will be triggered by your thoughts about events looming. This dreamer was thinking of the day to come.

The dream appears to be consistent with this issue. The dream symbols do seem to represent his exact feelings. But How?

The key element of the dream is that the woman is 'still alive'. That represents the hope that this relationship is still alive. The symbol seems to bear no relation to real life other than this respect. But that is how dreams work.

The second portion of the dream seems to link to the consequences of his confrontation. The young girl appears disgruntled. She is treated like a little child. He had confronted her about her panics. Drawing attention to her weaknesses was not perhaps the best thing to do. She was someone in a position of responsibility. This was maybe belittling her.

Dream Dictionary Symbols
TREATED LIKE CHILD : "The dreamer feared that drawing attention to the woman's weaknesses would show she was not able to hold responsibility"
STILL ALIVE : "Hopes that his relationship with a woman at work would still be good. That the relationship was still alive and he had not alienated her."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I confronted her about her panics. I think I may have totally alienated her. Tomorrow will be the last chance to tell. I hope there is a possibility that the relationship is still alive."

See how the different symbolic meanings join together to capture a key feeling from the night before

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