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Snake under control - dream interpretation

There maybe no obvious connections to the incident the day before in this dream - instead the dream simply repeats the important message "Don't play with danger"

THE DREAM - There is a snake. I am with some people. I feel that I can keep this snake under control. I am using a kind of toy snake which I am controlling. I feel that I can definitely keep this snake under control. Yet it moves forward and continues to edge forward. I am unable to react in time. I wake up as it is about to get within striking distance. As I wake up the dream continues on. When I wake up I am desperately trying to get the snake off me - its in my duvet.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had been thinking about a bad situation which was building up at work. One thought to cross his mind the night before was to try to get at some of the people who had been very devious. This was supposed to be a very subtle and clever way at getting back at people who were causing trouble.

THE INTERPRETATION Snakes symbolize some kind of negative feelings. So the best way to understand such a dream is look for bad feelings within your own life. Its best to look first at the day before. Were there any complaints, jealousies or bad atmospheres in the dreamers life. In this case there was and so the dream seems very easy to interpret. In particular the dreamer was toying with an idea in his mind the night before about how to get back subtly against those who were causing trouble. The dream seems to warn against such actions. But how?

Throughout the dream there is a sense that the snake was not dangerous. It was not poisonous and the dreamer felt he was capable of keeping the snake under control. Yet the snake moved forward and was easily able to dodge the dreamers bizarre contraption. He woke up as it was about to strike. Surely this mirrors real life. The dream felt he was capable of getting back at others in a very subtle way. He was able to keep the situation under control. The snake was no threat. Yet it was able to doge him. So really the dream shows the dreamer as complacent. He needs to stop toying with ideas and needs to keep clear of danger.

Symbolic Meanings
SNAKE MOVES FORWARD : "The situation at work was very fluid. Things could easily get out of hand very quickly. The dreamer could easily come out very badly if things were stirred up."
SNAKE : "There had been lots of bad feelings at work. Several people had been targeted."
TOY WITH SNAKE : "The dreamer was toying with some ideas about how to get back at people causing trouble. He felt he could cause them trouble. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was thinking about trying to get back at those causing all the trouble last night. I had a very subtle and ingenious plan. But really now I come to think about it its best to leave things be. There is a lot of bad feelings in the air. Things can get out of control and it could end up backfiring. "

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with a key insight the dreamer was having about work the day before. Look how the symbolic meanings all fit.

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