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Dream symbolism - plane crashes into stadium

Dreams use associations. Many people have said that more people died of the pollution caused by the attack on 9-11 than died during the actual attack. This dream applies this same metaphor "the aftermath was worse than the actual event" to a different situation. The dreamer had been thinking of the economic crisis and was convinced that the worse was yet to come - there would be more victims to come.

THE DREAM I was in some church. It was at night time. Then I am in some stadium. It is full up. I look up into the sky and there is a plane which has just exploded. It has crashed back to earth. It lands right in the middle of the stadium. Its a very dangerous situation and I am looking at how I can get out. I look for the exits. I realise that it will be easy to get out. The main problem will be the smoke. The place is full of smoke. It reminds me of the smoke cloud after the 9-11 disaster.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had a conversation with a lady the night before about the economy. He felt that she had underestimated the recent economic crisis. It was not over and in fact it had been building up over a period of time before hand. The bank crisis had been preceded by problems caused by rising fuel costs and the subsequent crisis in the air plane industry. The dreamer did not like to point this out to the lady because he felt he might be seen as rude.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams can be about all kinds of subjects. This dream was about a discussion about politics and economics the night before. Generally these subjects will not trigger dreams. We do not invest much time and energy into such subjects. But there had been a recent economic crisis. A complete crash of the banking industry and huge losses in the stock markets is something that we should be aware of. Economies can crash as witnessed in the 1930s and so we must be aware. Economic prosperity is not a god given right.

The dreamer had been thinking about this conversation the night before and really wanted to tell the lady his own opinions. But he felt he maybe seen as rude telling her how she was underestimating the economic crisis. So this issue was eating away at him. His own opinion was that things could get much worse and that this really was important. Society could fall apart. Times could be much harder.

Actually the dream plays out his key feelings about the economy. The air plane crash symbolizes the crash in the air plane industry. Its that simple. This was key to the dreamers thoughts. The banking crisis had been preceded by a crash in the aircraft industry as petrol prices had soared. The dreamer felt that fuel costs would relentlessly increase in the future as demand was outstripping supply.

The dreamer does manage to escape. The immediate crisis is over. This represents the immediate banking crisis which had just happened in real life. It had been a crucial moment. It was over and had been survived. But hidden inside the symbols is the dreamers feelings that the fundamentals of the economy were not good. The huge smoke cloud reminded the dreamer of 9-11. One fact sticks in his mind about this. That many more people have died due to the toxic smoke cloud than died in the actual attacks. So this symbolizes how he felt about the economy. The recent crisis had been survived but the fundamental problems still remained and these cancerous problems in the economy would probably cause more troubles in the future.

Dreams like this are difficult to interpret. But dreams are remarkably linked to issues from the previous day. Look out for how these issues could link to the previous day and key thoughts and moments.

Symbolic Meanings
AIRPLANE : "A fairly literal symbol referring to the aircraft industry and its place in the economic crises "
AIRPLANE CRASHES : "The recent crisis in the aircraft industry "
CANCEROUS SMOKE : "The fundamentals of the economy were not right. There were cancerous problems in the economy"
CHURCH : "Strongly held beliefs. The dreamer was thinking through his own strongly held beliefs about the economy"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I disagree strongly with how she is thinking about the economic crisis. The bank crisis has been building up for a while. It is not over yet. Also the economic crisis has also been caused by fuel cost increases leading to real problems in the aircraft industry. The immediate crisis is over but their are real fundamental problems in the economy generally. "

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

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