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A dream interpretation about an orca being thrown on shore

THE DREAM - I was with someone but cannot remember who.I showed that person or was showed a whale swimming from the beach toward the ocean. Out of nowhere, a dog jumped into the water. I jumped after him to rescue him. Although I felt the whale would not harm us, I was very scared. I sort of pushed the dog from behind up the beach but at that moment the whale came back towards the beach and with a strong wave, an orca was thrown on the shore. The dog and I got separated and I felt scared again. The orca didn't move and I found the dog again.After that, I don't remember how, but I made someone drink something or someone made me drink something that made me remember something from the night before. It was supposed to give me flashes of what had happened in the dream before. And as a clear image, a bit like in a cartoon, in a bubble like a memory, I saw about 9 whales all dead at the bottom of the ocean. They were all on a three different lines em-piled next to each other (The dreamers life goal is to become a wildlife journalist and travel around the world. Seeing whales dead and a dog threatened in the water kind of really disturbed her).

There were other things happening but it's all blurry. I think it all started in a movie or circus theatre. Then I was on the beach.

THE REALITY The previous weekend the dreamers drink had been spiked and she spent a night in hospital. She had been feeling pretty down since then and was trying to remember what happened but memories refuse to come. She had to go to work on that Saturday and felt really bad. On Monday and Tuesday she could not get motivated to do any work. Just before the dream her ex flatmate contacted her to go to the circus with her and kept asking her if she thought of him romantically. She said no which upset him but he still wanted to impress her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION When you first get a dream its important to make associations with the dream symbols. Two coincidences appear with reality. The dream featured a spiked drink and in real life she had a spiked drink the previous Saturday. The dream also featured a circus and the previous night she had been asked on a date to the circus. These two coincidences are just too much of a coincidence. Its likely that the dream in some way is about this spiked drink and the date she was asked out on.

The dead whales is an image that really disturbed the dreamer. Its likely that this spiked drink has really disturbed the dreamer. The fact that she could not remember what happened really bugged her. She feels that something very disturbing(as in the dream) could have happened.

The dream also featured this circus. This other issue was also revolving around her head at the same time. She had been asked on a date with her ex flatmate.

Symbolic Meanings
SPIKED DRINK:"A literal - the dreamer is worrying about the spiked drink she took the previous weekend."
CIRCUS:"again a literal symbol - the dreamer had been asked out to a circus the previous night"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was very disturbed about this spiked drink on Saturday. I just do not know what happened. I have also had to think about my ex flatmate. He seemed very upset yesterday."

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