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Bike accident dream

THE DREAM I was riding a bike and my girlfriend was also on a bike. I ended up having a bad accident on my bike.

THE REALITY The dreamer and his ex had split up. The dreamer had probably come out much worse than his ex who seemed to be coping.

THE INTERPRETATION Its a common thing to want to be doing better than your ex girlfriend. You want to show them how well you are doing and you want them to see you with an attractive member of the opposite sex. If we have bitter feelings towards a break up then perhaps you will even enjoy seeing an ex fail. Your thoughts will be full of these types of feelings. Whenever a relationship ends then one person generally comes out of it worse than the other. In the dream the dreamer clearly is seen having an accident and in difficulties.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
ACCIDENT: An accident was a symbol of how badly the dreamer was doing whilst his ex (also in the dream) was doing well
BIKE: A bike is a vehicle for only one so can in this case symbolise how the dreamer and his ex were coping with the single life.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I think I am coping less well than my ex since the break up."

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