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Mother shakes off snake - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I dreamt that I was at my parents' house and there were two snakes loose in the house. A fat tan colored snake that just slithered around the house and a huge black snake that was all over my mother. The very bizarre part was that the black snake had eight legs under it's neck like a spider and it was pulling its huge body around with these little legs. My mother was trying to get it off of her because she knew that it was poisonous. She finally shook it off without it biting her.

THE REALITY The dreamers Mom went into a deep depression and for 13 years now she hardly ever gets out of bed. She has diabetes, is obese, has anxiety attacks, has had two strokes and because of lack of use, her legs barely work. The dreamer worries endlessly about losing her. The dreamer tends to be her own worse enemy.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream features this dreamers mother very heavily so its worth assuming that the dream is about her. In reality she is very sick and tends to be her own worse enemy.

The dream features a spider or at least a snake that resembles a spider. Spiders tend to symbolise feelings and situations that we are trapped in(a little like the spiders web).
The dreamers mother is in many ways unable to escape the situation she is in. As her legs gets worse it affects her depression which in turn gets worse. Its an endless spiral.

Snakes and spiders are symbols of warning. That we need to escape the situation we are in or that we face danger. This snake could easily symbolise the dreamers fear that her mother might die. That could strike at any time just like the snakes bite.

The dream then captures the exact feelings of the dreamer - "I feel my mothers legs are getting worse. If she does not make an effort soon she may die or may never be able to escape the endless cycle of physical ill health and depression".

The number two in dreams is often symbolic. It refers to situations where there is a choice. It shows maybe that we can act one way or choose an entirely different course. Here it symbolises the dreamers mother and the fact that she can still escape becoming totally bed bound.

Symbolic Meanings
SNAKE : "a fear that my mother could die"
SPIDER : "A fear that my mothers legs will become so bad she will never recover. she will be trapped"
TWO : "a situation which can go either way. There is a choice involved with two potential outcomes."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My mom is stuck in her present situation. Her mental health has always been bad but now she is also virtually bed bound. I fear she could die at any moment".

See how the various dream symbols represent the dreamers thoughts about her mother

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