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Less fearful dream

THE DREAM I was in some really tall building. I was coming down the stairs and there were holes in the stairs and you could see below. Then the holes got much bigger. It was really scary for someone who hates heights. I was thinking that I would have to use the lift to go up and down because it was less fearful. Later my friend Gibbi was there and he was saying he was not short of money he could pay for a cup of tea.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION In real life the dreamer was very phobic and did not like talking to people at all. The previous day he had taken the lift because if he went down the stairs then he might have had to bump into someone he wanted to avoid.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams use one fear as a symbol for another. The dream featured a chronic fear of heights and used this as a symbol for another chronic phobia. The dreamer hated talking to people and this was part of a chronic mental health problem.

There seems to be a strong link in the dream which definitely connects to this real life event. In real life the dreamer took the lift because of his chronic phobias whilst in the dream he took the lift as well because it was "less fearful". This is a clear link which almost certainly shows that the dream is about that subject.

The dream probably does have some point. The dreamer will probably get quite a few dreams which relate in some way to this difficult phobia. The dreams will not simply mean "I suffer from this phobia." They will probably be logging how bad the phobia is. The meaning will probably link to a thought like "I still have this strong phobia of people. Yesterday I even took the lift because I feared walking past someone who regularly takes the stairs."

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