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On top of building dream

THE DREAM I was looking for my ex girlfriends car in a car park. She was not there. Next I was on top of this building telling her how scared I was of heights. The house was on this huge hill.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been feeling low on confidence since his break up with his ex. He was feeling intimidated by many situations.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dream features his ex girlfriend as he was looking for her car. This is an obvious connection and we can guess that the dream is about his feelings towards her or his attitude towards dating and women inn general.

The dream doesn't seem very positive as it seems to feature various intimidating or fearful situations. It's meaning is quite simple as it catches this type of thought "I have not been doing very well since my breakup with my ex. I seem to be intimidated by anything and everything." On a deeper basis the dream probably links to this related emotion "I am low on confidence since my break up".

Try to keep dream analysis simple. A dream with lots of fearful situations simply means that the dreamer is generally fearful right now.

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