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Dream - sea snake

THE DREAM - I was paddling in seawater. It was only shallow. I was thinking how I should be able to relax in this and enjoy. It was really just a rock pool. But I was unhappy and worried about the creatures in there. I was worried I might stand on a little crab or something. Everything was small so it could never do me no harm. There was some seaweed but I did not like being dirty muddy murky water. I wanted clean water. Then I saw what looked like a tiny harmless crab. It was underneath the sand burrowing upwards. I was fascinated by it. But then it transformed (or more correctly it showed itself fully whereas it had been hidden by sand before) into an eel or snake and slithered out. I was then fearful and wanted to move. It was moving directly quickly towards me in a rather threatening way.

THE REALITY The dreamer suffered from depression and had a drink problem. He had a completely stress free day. Yet he still came home and started drinking. He had been thinking how he always started. It was like a compulsion to damage himself. Whatever he did he still had terrible mood swings.

THE INTERPRETATION In the dream the dreamer had the following type of feeling "I should be enjoying this but I am very wary of these small harmless creatures." In real life the dreamer had been feeling the following type of thought "just lately life has been stress free. I had a good day today yet still I get this destructive urge to drink heavily." These two thoughts are highly similar and it seems that the dream directly mirrors this real life tendency towards drinking and depression.

In the end the small crab transforms into a much more scary eel moving directly towards the dreamer in a threatening way. This maybe mimics the way that his moods always turn bad. When he went home he always tended to drink even when things were going well.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I cannot seem to stop drinking. At night I get these terrible depressions and descend into drink."

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