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Dream - medieval time travel

THE DREAM I seemed to be with some people. We were time travelling into the medieval period. It was all very confused. I was wondering if we were time travellers from the modern day travelling into the medieval period or if we were actually from the medieval period and had travelled to the modern day. I did not quite know what reality was.

THE REALITY The dreamer was suffering from extreme paranoia and depression. He had suffered some cruel blows recently and felt people had betrayed him. The day before he had been watching a DVD drama based in the medieval period. He was becoming very engrossed in this drama and the brutal and dramatic storyline. In some ways he was losing touch with reality as his paranoia was taking over.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream was in some ways quite simple. The dreamer had been watching a historical drama set in medieval times. In dreams we must try to make associations with reality. If you have a dream about medieval times and you have just watched a historical drama about those times then this is too much of a coincidence. The dreamer had become engrossed in this history and watched it all day. So obviously the drama was starting to take over his life. Time travelling simply reflected the drama's ability to recreate those brutal and dramatic times. He was travelling in time because he was living medieval times by watching the drama.

The dream had a second meaning though. The dreamers own paranoia was taking over his life and he was starting to lose touch with reality. He had become very bitter and angry and was seeing conflict where none existed. The medieval drama was very similar in its themes (good versus evil, brutal times, dramatic events).

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been feeling very paranoid recently. I spent all yesterday watching a historical drama about the medieval times. It was a very brutal time and seems just like my own life right now."

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