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Police and riots - dream symbolism

THE DREAM I was staying in my sisters house. It was nice and quiet and there was a neighbour who was quietly friendly. I am busy doing my own thing - working quite happily when all these people came in. My sister had suddenly organised a party. There were people everywhere. I do not like socialising in real life so this invasion freaked me out. These people were intruding everywhere.

I ran out of the house and was near the medical center. It was guarded by many army soldiers. They meant business and I was clearly not allowed to be there. I walked on and got caught in a crowd of people. There was some kind of riot and I was stuck with the rioters. There were police there who were fighting with these rioters. They had this weapon they were using - some kind of light which I was learning how to deflect.

THE REALITY The dreamer was suffering from increasing health porblems and was starting to suffer from dizziness. He did not like socialising anyway and this had now got worse. He liked to just get on with life at his own pace just like in the early part of the dream. If he was forced into situations where he had to socialise then he became freaked out - just like in the dream. So it seems that this dream deal with those phobias. The previous day the dreamer had tried to go to his GP's but could not because someone was there he was trying to avoid (another phobic tendency). The dream was probably replaying that situation at the medical centre the day before. The dream end with the police and rioters and the dreamer ends up with the rioters. This probably signifies the increasing chaos in the dreamers life as he was suffering from physical illnesses as well as mental health problems.

Overall the dream was thought to capture this exact thought "I am just trying to get along with my work and just cannot handle people at the moment with my physical illnesses. I tried going to the doctors yesterday but could not because someone was there that I am trying to avoid. I just had to carry on as my life becomes increasingly chaotic"

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