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Dream - combat in Iraq

THE DREAM Last night I dreamed I was still in the Army. I was in a city that was near water. There were soldiers that I knew that are now dead, and we were trying to process our papers to get out of the Army. I was with my wife and the city was starting to flood. She tried to drive across a bridge, but we could not cross the threshold of the bridge. I recognized this from a previous dream, and I told my wife that I was going to get out of the car and she was to drive to safety. I got out of the car and closed the door and watched her drive away. I walked through a desert, back to my buddies. The city was flooding and as the water surrounded me I could not move. One of the guys looked at me and said please don't leave us. I woke as the water overcame us.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The guy in my dream that said don't leave us, is a guy that I tried to save in Iraq. He was wounded when I arrived on the scene of an ambush. I ran to the young soldier to evacuate him, but as I picked him up in a fireman's carry and began to run to our vehicle, a vehicle exploded behind us and threw us several feet away. When I came to he was laying next to me, but he had been killed by the explosion. I always have nightmares of the young man. I always can hear his voice through the sounds of gunfire and explosions.

Posted at November 12, 2012, 18:01 by jchoat71 (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED November 13, 2012, 00: 2: 42)
Hi jchoat71

Well this dream is more about post traumatic stress. You are reliving memories about Iraq. Part of you cannot let go of these.

The human mind tries to make sense of reality. Obviously you try to get on with your life but part of you stays back in the situations which shocked you so badly. When you go to Iraq and witness so many terrible things then you can find it difficult to fit back into normal life again. You cannot just go to the mall and have coffee as if nothing has happened. Modern America seems so distant and far away from Iraq and the horrors you witnessed.

Like I say we try to make sense of reality yet you cannot easily make sense of such horrors. Therefore your mind keeps revisiting it. At night you get nightmares.

One good sign here is that you send your wife to safety. I think that means that you try to isolate yourself when you have these feelings. You try to protect her from the horrors. Maybe its about you trying to hold in all these bad feelings.

But part of you likes to go off on your own and relive these memories. To make sense of something which seems so strange in modern day America.

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