Clock dream - interpretation

THE DREAM - I am sat talking with friends. They all have partners and are sat contentedly. I am happy but I keep looking at the clock.

THE REALITY The dreamer was single but most of her friends had already got married or were living with their boyfriends. She was at a point when she was realising the need to find a long term partner.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The clock was ticking for a reason - to make the dreamer aware. The dreamer was realising its time to search for a person to share his life with. The clock will continue to keep ticking until this issue is confronted. Often if you are sat down in a dream it may signify how you are becoming more accustomed to some idea or thought. The thought is growing on you.

Symbolic Meanings
CLOCK : "setting yourself serious goals"
SAT : "become accustomed to something over time"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know that time is passing by. I should perhaps start looking for a more serious commitment. I notice many of my friends are starting to get married."

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