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Swarms of flies and father warns - dream symbolism

THE DREAM I was talking to this guy and he was drawing some stuff and I was judging his drawings since I can draw better than him but one of the drawings that stick out was a drawing of a black guy in a orange Hawaiian outfit another drawing that stuck out was a refrigerator/vault thing. I flipped through the pages and saw the Vault closed, than I flipped the page again and saw it open with dirty water. The Refrigerator became three dimensional like it came off the page.

I Dump the dirty water from the refrigerator in the tub, and I notice their were flies swarming all in the water. In some how the flies in the dirty water got into my mouth and I can feel the flies making their way down my throat.

Then my father came out of nowhere and my daddy told me what to do to get rid of the flies in my throat. Right after that I woke up constantly swallowing as if I can still feel them in my throat.

THE REALITY At the time of the dream the dreamers girlfriend was in Florida and was sick with strep throat. She was supposed to be visiting pretty soon.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Often its best to work a dream in reverse. The dreamer clearly had something on his mind. His girlfriend was coming to visit yet there were things which were unclear in his mind. The dream then is about those nagging doubts.

So how could that issue be consistent with that issue. The drawing is the main symbol. Drawing is symbolic of how you build up a picture in your mind of how things will be. In this case the pictures are of a black guy. Black is a very symbolic color and can link to dark feelings about something - indecision and confusion. In this case it probably shows that the dream is aware of the possibilities of worries and problems probably connected with strep throat. He is really looking forward to his girlfriends return but maybe does not know quite what is in store. She maybe in a dark mood and not willing to see him(too busy concentrating on being ill).

The fridge is a symbol of keeping things in storage and keeping things fresh. In this case the dream links up with the belief that even when his girlfriend comes back he is unlikely to be able to resume their normal relationship as she will be too busy being ill. Things will have to again go on hold whilst she recovers.

In fact the dream is indeed building up a "three dimensional" picture of how things will be. The flies probably symbolizes the illness and irritations the dreamers girlfriend is suffering.

Finally the dreamers father is a symbol of the need to be sensible and allow her to recover properly.

Clothes are also important in dreams. They show the signals that we send out. The Hawaiian shirt is symbolic of the warm and friendly greeting and signals he is sending out. But perhaps the black guy symbolizes the mixed feelings about the return.

Symbolic Meanings
DAD : "being sensible and rational - a cautious approach"
DRAWING : "picturing how something will be "
FLIES : "bugs - the dreamer is thinking about the state of his girlfriends throat "
HAWAII : "links with a good mood - symbolic of his good mood due to his girlfriends return "

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "Well my girlfriend is back from Florida. But I think I will have to let her recover before seeing her as she has strep throat. It will not be the reunion that I had hoped for"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

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