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Helping babysit sister.

Dreams focus in on a key emotion. In real life the dreamer was just starting to show more consideration for someone who he had been arguing with. In the dream this considerate approach also featured.

THE DREAM I am with my sister. She is very tired and exhausted. I pick up her baby daughter(my sisters daughter is a teenager) and look after her. I say what should I do. She says give her some porridge but just a different type.

THE REALITY Just recently the dreamer had been involved in some bitter confrontations with a woman. They were misunderstandings but beneath this he had a lot of sexual attraction for her. Waking up he felt a lot more relaxed. That day he decided to show signs of real consideration for her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Many dreams look back towards things that have just happened. But often dreams will look forward. If you wake up and you are thinking about the day before then its likely that your dream is about the previous day. But if you wake up in a new mood it maybe that the dream captures these changes in you during the night.

This dream does not obviously seem to link to this new mood. But careful analysis shows it does. The sister could represent a change of feelings within the dreamer. He had sexual feelings for a woman which had been relentlessly wearing them both down. A sister is someone who you would never have sex with so maybe this symbol shows him setting aside his strong sexual feelings.

The dreamer is also recognising her exhaustion. His sisters exhaustion was similar to that of the woman in real life. They had both been warn down by sexual tension and confrontation whilst they were both at work.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
EXHAUSTION: The dreamer was recognising the real life stress and exhaustion he had caused for himself and a woman at work .
HELP: A change in mood in the dreamer wanting to help her.
SISTER: Representing a change in the dreamer. He was putting aside his sexual feelings for a woman and made it known the next day that he wanted her to be less stressed by his presence.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know there are major problems and she is freaking out. I have a right to be there but I have decided that I will tell her today that I will show greater consideration. It will help draw the tension out of the situation."

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers new approach to a troubled work relationship with simmering sexual tension.

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