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Dream - a ghost in me

THE DREAM - I was in a room with others. It reminded me of the alcohol clinic I go to. I was with some new people and seemed to be feeling comfortable with them. One said I had a ghost. I was intrigued and interested and asked where the ghost was.

THE REALITY The dreamer suffered from severe alcohol problems and was attending a clinic for his addictions. He was getting along well with patients in a group setting. He felt he had met some people he had a spiritual connection with. Normally he found it very difficult to meet new people.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was in recovery from alcohol problems. During the dream someone senses something in the dreamer that he was not aware of. That is very important. Group therapy brings together people with similar problems. People help each other without knowing it. The dream hints at this kind of feeling "I am getting on well in group therapy and I feel that some of the other patients know me in ways I cannot imagine."

A ghost also hints at a darker side. The dreamer did have a darker deeper side and had suffered mental health problems throughout his life. The dream suggests this feeling "I feel that my fellow patients sense my difficult past."

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