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With ex boyfriend and another girl - dream analysis

Dreams do not refer directly to our emotions. Instead they portray emotions. This dream features the dreamers boyfriend with another girl and so could touch on issues such as "my boyfriend will not commit to our relationship".

THE DREAM - I was sat at the table and there was my boyfriend and another woman sat also. Everything seemed normal but I just remember thinking - who is she?

THE REALITY The dreamers boyfriend had continually failed to commit to her even after a long term relationship

DREAM ANALYSIS The inability of the dreamers boyfriend to commit to her continually frustrated her. It left her with doubts about the relationship. Was he cheating? If he failed to commit then what was the point of the relationship? These are the doubts which this dream unearths.

Symbolic Meanings
BOYFRIEND : "your unconscious feelings about your boyfriend"
OTHER WOMAN : "the dreamer feels in competition against other women - her boyfriend is not making a commitment"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do not feel secure in my relationship. He really doesn't want to make a commitment"

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