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Doubting the doctor

A dream about cancer linked to the dreamers depressed "cancerous" state of mind.

THE DREAM I am in the doctors office. She looks at some paper, refers to some numbers from a test and says this means cancer. I asked her--how do you know that? She gives me some patterns to look at and to tell her what I see. I stare at the patterns and see all sorts of other patterns moving--like a kaleidoscope come alive. But they keep on shifting all the time, so I am not sure what to answer.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I saw a similar dream like this two years ago ---a woman unknown to me told me that I was sick, as "these documents never lie" but I said I don't believe you and turned away. I am unemployed and depressed. Have a fear of illness in general and especially recently. Also recently someone analysed a Vedic astrology chart for me and said things that were not that positive. I wonder if this dream is related to the latter.

Posted at September 26, 2011, 00:01 by Lily (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED September 26, 2011, 14: 1: 36) I would say that this dream is definitely about these astrology charts. Dreams are about the reality of your emotions not the reality of your life. You are depressed and down about the future. Your dreams are a barometer of your emotions. Given a good day and some optimism then you will get much happier dreams. If you could manage to feel more positive (not easy I know) then you will start to feel better

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