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Children tortured dream

This dream featured children being tortured - it was a symbol for the dreamers own tortured mind

THE DREAM I had a dream were I was the observer and also every character that was being hurt, meaning the children. I was changing from child to child, mostly girls and I felt when the gang of boys teenagers were having "fun" - torturing and burning and raping all of us. I felt the blade of the knife when they were experimenting in taking the uterus out and just laughing because without anaesthesia the pain was so horrible you died, and they were laughing, all of us were in pain, it was 1935; and even teenage girls were on the gang, they took the smallest and pretty girls and were crushing their faces with rocks and their fists till they crushed the bones and some were still alive and then they burned them, they were angry and envious of them from being innocent, pretty and sweet, they wanted to kill it and they were having fun in hurting us, I hated it, I wanted to go and I couldn't I was trapped I was alive I was still alive, I was seeing this, I was feeling it, I was hearing it, and they were so many of them - trapped and in pain, never stopping just being laugh at. Over and over.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I feel I want to die and all around the world there is only pain and everybody wants to hurt me and I will never be loved, I will never be a mother, nor a soul mate. I am so alone and I feel everything all around me... all the time. I am tired and I wish I didn't feel that if I die, it would be another failure to my existence no matter where that is.

Posted at September 10, 2012, 14:01 by vanny291981

Unclesirbobby (POSTED September 10, 2012, 14: 1: 08)

I am sorry that you feel this way. Dreams merely reveal your thoughts and emotions. They are like metaphors. Its easy to see how the dream portrays a tortured mind.

I suppose the dream features children because we see them as innocent and pure. Crimes affecting them are always the worst

I do not know really what to say - its a very bleak way of looking at the world. Our emotions are very changeable though. People who can see the world in a very bleak way can soon turn.

God bless you.

Iceberg rose (POSTED September 10, 2012, 15: 1: 20)
This dream expresses so many sad feelings of helplessness and hopelessness I wish I could go into your dream and hold your hand in the midst of all this pain. I am not afraid of it. Posting this reply however is the best I can do in cyberworld.

In our world there are people who are indifferent to the suffering they inflict on others but not all people are. Gentle people often lie low when the destructive forces are raging till the mayhem is over and then come out to see if they can pick up the pieces that are left after the destructive forces abate. It is often all that can be done.

Life seems to survive the most hopeless devastation and in your dream you are alive despite the destruction you sense all around you. That is where I see a glimmer of hope in what you have shared here.

I have had pretty sad dreams like this one and what helped me manage my feelings about my life and the content of my dreams was to go outside and notice the strange places grass grows and life abounds. Watching ants in an ants nest really helped me see hope where I felt most hopeless. I feel it took you courage to share your dream - thank you for your gift of your unique pain. It is one of the hardest gifts to give away.

Vanny291981 (POSTED September 10, 2012, 15: 1: 51)
Thank you so much. I appreciate your words in more ways that you could know. Because I do feel that hope too, is just... is hard to see the things that are worth seeing after a very long and bitter storm. I guess in a listening heart, I needed to share this too, and I believe that too, seeing life moving is what makes you feel that is there, so... Hope is too. :) best.

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