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Teacher good rapport - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I dreamed about a primary school teacher. She had a rapport with her children. She managed to make them eat up "all their food" so as to make them healthy and strong. Then in the school he was playing some sort of game. The game involved handling a snake. I knew that this snake was not too dangerous as you could tell by looking at it. At the back of my mind I felt it could be dangerous but still I was holding it.

THE REALITY The dreamer was getting therapy to help overcome phobias. He was very scared in many social situations. The day before he saw his therapist and immediately after leaving he set about a task which he had been putting off.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Many dreams just represent real life - they just mimic what has happened yet the symbols are hard to understand - they do not seem relevant at all. This is one such dream. Based on the assumption that many dreams are caused by significant happening and thoughts from the day before its easy to interpret this dream. The main event the day before for this dreamer was seeing his therapist. As a result of this he tackled a situation he was seriously phobic about. It was a situation where things could go wrong. Yet he plucked up courage.

How could this dream connect with such real life events?

Well the snake represents the phobia. Phobias are fears - in this case the dreamer had fears associated with something in particular. Yet that day he had handled those fears and so the snake represents the ability of the dreamer to cope with risky and difficult situations.

The teacher represents the therapist. The teacher had a good rapport with the children which mimics the situation in real life - the dreamer was getting on well with his therapist and felt it was working. Eating the food and staying healthy simply represents the need to listen to the advice he was given.

Note too that the snake was potentially dangerous. This also mimics real life. The dreamer had a phobia of certain social situations. In many ways he was exaggerating things - but on the other hand there were things that could go wrong. The task he set himself after leaving the therapist was difficult. Yet he knew that he was exaggerating these fears.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
FOOD : " "
TEACHER : "The teacher represented the dreamers therapist teaching him to overcome severe phobias"
SNAKE : "Something dangerous and threatening"
SNAKE HANDLING: "The dreamer is handling a situation which is he considered to be dangerous and threatening - the snake represented the fears associated with his phobias "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - " I saw my therapist yesterday and he helped me build my strength up to tackle a situation which was really scaring me. I managed to cope with something that had really been scary for me. It could have easily gone wrong. But I managed to cope and it was all thanks to my therapist - I wouldn't have done it otherwise. "

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