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Dream symbolism - dark ravine

THE DREAM I was walking down a street called Barrowhead Ravine(its near to where I live). On one side was the road and on the other side it was the deep dark ravine. It was night time and whilst walking along the edge I could not tell how far down it was. In some places you only go down a few feet. In other places its really steep and I would fall into bushes and would be unable to get out. No one would be there to help because it was night time.

GUESSWORK The dreamer suffered from extreme mental health problems and was very socially isolated. Recently his life had taken turn for the worst. He was on the edge of a deep nervous breakdown. He was worried that he would get too ill to ask for help.

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1. STUCK: The dreamer fears getting stuck in a ravine. In real life the dreamer was suffering terrible depression. If he got worse then he may end up 'stuck' in mental health problems for a long time.
2. ON THE EDGE: If you are on the edge of something then your situation is very precarious. You are very close to 'danger'. In this case the dreamers situation fitted this symbolism very neatly. He had been suffering badly from depression and was on the edge of deteriorating very badly.
3. DARKNESS: The darkness in the dream was linked to the fear that people would not be there to help. It was night time and his plight would be unseen. This was a very good symbol for the dreamers mental health problems. He was in danger of becoming so ill that he would cut himself off from people entirely.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers nervous breakdown. The dream deals with these themes
- the danger of being stuck
- inability to get help

If you think about the dreams symbolism and think about the current issues on his mind then you find that the dream perfectly captures this thought - "I know my depression is bad. I just worry that things will get worse and I will be so ill I will be unable to get help."

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