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Videos about terrorists dream

THE DREAM I was in a club where I used to go but am now excluded from (I was extremely bitter about this). I was in the living room and it had been altered and I was noticing the changes. Later I was in the corridor and was watching videos about terrorists. I was trying to hide this.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The dreamer was excluded in real life from the club in the dream. He continued to feel very bitter about this. He had become very inward and at times unhinged. He felt the terrorists were a symbol of his violent thoughts.

DREAM ANALYSIS In real life the dreamer felt he was becoming very inward and was having violent thoughts. What is the symbolism of watching terrorist videos? Look for feelings that you can associate with real life fromt he dream. What would you think if you saw someone watching terrorist videos? You might think that they had an unhealthy interest in something sick. Some people have huge collections of history videos about the Nazi's. You may suspect that they have an unhealthy interest. That they may also be suppressing violent and sadistic tendencies. So the symbolism is simple. The dreamer feels that he is becoming the sort of sick weirdo who watches violent and strange videos.

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