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Fish escapes - gross and disgusting dream analyzed

Dreams are symbolic. In this dream fish smelling are a symbol for the dreamers worries about her bowel problems

THE DREAM I was with someone. There was a fish in some kind of bucket or something. I open up this hole and suddenly the fish escapes. Instead of flowing onto the floor the fish turns into some kind of gaseous substance. It pervades throughout the room. I wake up and the dream continues. It was absolutely gross and disgusting. The fish is everywhere.

THE REALITY The dreamer had developed severe bowel problems during old age. He was trying to talk through the problems he had with his family. Yet he absolutely hated talking about it. The day before he had made a real attempt to talk about the issue but couldn't. He was bottling up the issue and had been seeking counselling for this.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams often do link to recent events and thoughts on your mind. This dream features a fairly easy symbol to recognize - a real sense of disgust is featured. Often you will solve such a dream by looking for a similar sense of disgust from the day before. In this case the dreamer had something which did disgust him. He realized that he would have to talk to his family about his growing bowel problems yet really did not want to. The whole subject was gross and totally embarrassing.

The symbolism of the fish probably had a double meaning. The dreamer hated fish full stop. they looked disgusting. The one in the dream looked especially disgusting. Fish also smell terrible and the smell of fish is difficult to get rid of.

In the dream the fish is released. This probably symbolizes the dreamers realisation that once he starts talking about this problem it will be difficult to stop. The release of the fish then probably represents the starting off of this process.

Symbolic Meanings
FISH : "The dreamer believes fish to be thoroughly disgusting - talking about his bowel problems was equally gross and disgusting"
FISH : "Fish smell and so it probably symbolizes the dreamers bowel problems - he was ashamed that his house smelt bad"
RELEASE FISH : "The dreamer has set a process off - knowing he had to talk about this vital subject."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following thoughts within the dreamer - "I have to talk about these bowel problems with my family. I am ashamed that my house might smell because of it. But the topic is disgusting. I really hate talking about it. "

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