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Little girl dream

THE DREAM Once I woke up to a dream about a little girl in a building and she was scared, then her mother found her in a barn and was screaming.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The next morning whilst watching our morning news the dreamer saw her friend report on a missing girl (the dreamer worked on TV). The dreamer told her husband "They won't find her". She had been abducted and was murdered. Her mother was all over the news. It was an infamous case in Toronto. The dreamer, like many at the time, became very involved emotionally in this terrible story.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Many people link premonitions to terrible events which are soon to happen. This can be true but most premonitions are linked to things within our own lives (disasters in our own lives rather than disasters in the human race).

However, occasionally we may have premonitions of events which touch us emotionally. Most premonitions come true very quickly, usually the next day. This was a story which probably touched many people. It was probably something that was being talked about in bars and cafes across the country. Everwhere people would be saying "that poor girl."

Actually the story of this abduction was national news but the dreamer worked on TV. She found out about this terrible crime after watching her friend report on it. So this was a little more closer to home than a mere story on the news. She knew the person who reported it on TV.

Many sceptics might dismiss this dream as it was not very longand contained few remarkable details. It was not a strong premonition. However, I have seen some very accurate premonitions and so I do not feel the need to prove these conclusively each time. Most dreams are in the here and now. Many are reflections on yesterday and recent events within the dreamers own life. When the dreamer saw the news report she immediately thought of the dream. The screaming child and frantic mother in the dream were perfect symbols for this dispicable crime. A premontion is therefor the most likely explanation of this dream. This dream brought to life this story of the child and the emotions that the poor mother felt. In some way this was an event in the dreamers own life. It was not some random story read in the news. It was the story of the day which news reports brought to life. The dreamer felt almost as if this had happened to her. She understood perfectly the cries of the child and she identified with the poor mother.

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