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Dream interpretation - bridge breaks

THE DREAM - I am up by the castle and start running downwards. I see Wayne who I know a bit. I was examining some walls of this building. There were smears coming down.

Later I run away with some nut. I am heading towards the river. I can jump across - I step over the river then the makeshift bridge breaks apart.

THE REALITY The dreamer was making some major changes to her life. She wanted to end her involvement with a group of people who she felt she no longer were in her best interests. She wanted to spend time on other things. This was a decisive moment and once this choice was made then it would be difficult to reverse.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream is a river dream. Rivers are good points to start off at. They represent flows of energy and effort - a motivation towards some task or project. So this represented the time she wanted to spend on various activities. The crossing of the river is the vital moment - this symbolises a change (literally a crossover point) to a new set of motivations. However, the bridge breaks apart. There is an old saying which says that you should not burn your bridges - indicating that the dreamer must move to a new situation without upsetting her old friends.

The earlier part of the dream was picking up on the advantages of her large group of friends who offered strength and support - symbolised by the castle. The smears represent the dreamers current thinking about this group of friends - which tended to be largely negative.

The dreamer was then running away from some NUT - this probably represented her understanding that she was mad to want to ditch a perfectly good group of friends for a not very good reason.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to stop meeting them as I don't like them any more. I have got to think carefully because once I leave I will not be able to reverse the decision."

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