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Purple nail polish dream

DREAM - Purple nail polish-sorry its long :/ In the waiting room at the dentists office I met someone who claimed to know the schizophrenic who walks around in our town and is somewhat known and I've seen her around for years and even met her once at a community event. The lady I met in the office left and then a little girl was sitting next to me painting her nails and commented to me that she messed up. She was wearing sparkly purple nail polish and I looked down and so was I but it was coming off so I just said I liked her nail polish. She said we had to be best friends and I thought she was kind of joking so I said OK but I'm 21. I never saw the dentist and the girl made me leave with her and brought me to a really crappy empty apartment and said they moved or something but it really didn't make sense to me and it was in the same building as the dentists office. I asked her how old she was and she said 13 and asked me for my number so we could hang out later. I remember trying to write my number but the pen didn't work and then once I wrote it I realized it was completely the wrong number so I finally wrote the right one and gave it to her and left thinking that's creepy. I walked home and got a text from her to come by and meet her mom so I was walking there kind of in the middle of the road and there was tons of construction around me and tarp's and machines. I was in a small town that I used to live in. Someone called my name and it was my old neighbor who never lived in that town or state and she was on a bike and asked me to join her on the side walk. I told her where I was going and then the next thing I knew I was knocking on an apartment door. The girl introduced me to her mom who was really excited that I was friends with her and I thought that was odd. Her father walked in from the kitchen carrying a tray of food. the apartment was extremely nice and had mahogany tables and granite counter tops with nice place mats and decorations. They were really preppy and she had another sister and a brother and the whole family said hi to me at the same time. I just awkwardly smiled and said hi and then left.

This dream was posted on on the September 28, 2012, 10:05 by Noescape. It was viewed 11 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I brought my sister to the dentist's office but I didn't go in, I came back later and waited for her in the car. My favorite color is purple but I would never have worn the nail polish in my dream, I don't even wear nail polish. My room is painted purple though. The town I used to live in was was far from preppy but very up-scale and I hated it there. I thought living there was the worst time in my life until now so maybe I was thinking about that yesterday. I long for things to go back to how they were just a few months ago and I cannot believe the situation I'm in sometimes.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well if you have become more interested in art then often a famous artists appears in your dream. If you meet a cool pop star then it could be symbolic of your wish to be more cool or that you feel more cool.

If you meet a schizophrenic person then it may represent your worries that you are becoming like that type of person... maybe that you are meeting people with problems... or developing mental illness yourself.

So what you mention about your life going down hill has undoubtedly triggered this dream. Its just a dream noting this change in your life. Tomorrow you might think more positively and your dream will reflect those more optimistic feelings.

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