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Fighter is shipwrecked - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am in some kind of house maybe. I see a man who was in a drama series I watched recently (he played a Roman soldier. He was a man of war who was very good at fighting yet when times of peace came he was a somewhat redundant figure who resorted to banditry ). This man had just been shipwrecked. There was a woman there who was a cook. She was a happy figure who also had a boat. It was a peaceful kind of boat.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just finished a major project. He had devoted lots of time to this and was having to show lots of discipline to reach the target he set himself. However, that target had now been achieved so the dreamer had to readjust back to normality.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Roman times link to very male emotions and emotions such as devotion, honor and epic struggle. This links with the situation within the dreamers recent life. He had shown great emotional devotion to the work task.

But this man in the dream was shipwrecked. This linked to reality in that these skills and emotions that had been positive have now got to be directed into something new. He had shown great discipline The task was over so the great passions had to find some new outlet.

Boats tend to link to strong moods moving in a particular direction. The woman in the gently moving boat symbolised his need to move harmoniously and gently through life.

So really the dream is about the transition. He needs to redirect his energies into something new. The dreamer could strongly identify with the man in the TV drama because he too was good in times of struggle and happy to devote himself to some task. Yet in times of peace he was unable to find a purpose and was easily led into banditry. In short the dream signifies the dreamers emotions "I feel a little lost now that I am not able to devote time to my project. I need to readjust to a more harmonious pace".

Symbolic Meanings
BOAT : "a very sense emotional involvement - the dreamers involvement in his project "
FIGHT : "the dreamers own fierce struggle to complete his work project"
MAN : "male emotions - using determination and effort towards some goal"
SOLDIER : "tough and resilient - able to manage everything thrown at you - the dreamers discipline and effort at work"
WOMAN : "harmonious and gentle pace"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been carried along with a sense of involvement in my project. But now all the work is finished and I will have to settle down to a more sedate pace to life. I enjoy throwing myself into work. "

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