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Exploring an entrance to my new home - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am in some students halls. I am looking around and exploring the building. I then realise that there is an entrance to the house that I had previously not seen. It was a quiet entrance. I figured out then that this place would not be such a bad place to live.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been offered an apartment across town. He had some doubts about the move. In some ways her feared that he would get a lot of hassle from another person who lived there. He had some mixed feelings and his fears had become allayed. He had been worrying too much about this.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If you are considering moving home then truly expect this to generate a dream or two. This dream involves exploring a building. Within our own minds we explore lots of new ideas. We come to an opinion on the good points and bad points. The dream was highly positive. It was about the dreamer exploring some new point of view on the subject.

Expect both positive and negative dreams linked to important decisions that you are considering like this. This dream was reminding the dreamer of the other point of view. Symbolic Meanings
EXPLORE: " A simple meaning - the dreamer is exploring some new ideas concerning moving home"
SECRET UNKNOWN ENTRANCE: "A point of view the dreamer had not considered He was being too negative about this move and this dream marked a shift to more positive thinking."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - " I have been offered this flat across town. I kind of have some worries about it. But It is a quiet building and maybe that's something I have not considered! I keep thinking I will be bothered by this guy upstairs but I am probably exaggerating"

The dream captures the dreamers feelings about moving

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