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Date rape - dream analysis

THE DREAM There seemed to be a group of diplomats who were complaining because the Russians where no longer giving them diplomatic immunity for date rape.

The dream was filled with other people making excuses and complaints for changes. Then I was on a football field. Suddenly a big young virile player came up and pushed me over. There was a sense that he was young and far too good for me. I was particularly aware of his youth, that he was younger than me.

REAL LIFE The dreamer was feeling his age and was becoming a grumpy old man. He had been blaming changes on this and that. He realised that he needed to accept that he was getting old and there was nothing he could do about it.

DREAM ANALYSIS When we hear the word rape we take things seriously and listen as its an extreme word. We feel we should show respect. Yet this dream uses date rape in a flippant and disrespectful way. The dream invents a strange story involving diplomats who were annoyed because they could no longer get away with date rape by claiming diplomatic immunity. The scenario is absurd and quite unlikely in real life. It is likely that the dream is making an obvious point involving the theme "that's clearly ridiculous"

The dreamer pointed out one thing which was particularly important, that the football player who knocks him over was younger and stronger. The dream seems to focus on this and that's important. It seems that the dream is simply a dream about the dreamer getting old.

The dream also focuses on "making excuses" which are ridiculous, the most ridiculous involves the diplomats believing that they should get away with date rape. Let us join together these two themes into one phrase: "I should stop making silly excuses and accept the simple fact that I am getting older."

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