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Dream - police threaten and train crash

THE DREAM I had a bad nightmare last night. It started of being a snowy morning and the streets were pure ice. I was walking around and snow boarding. Some kids at one point started irritating me and throwing snow balls at me so I grabbed one of them and threatened to kick his ass. I walked away forgetting my snowboard. Later when I went back for it I couldn't find it and assumed those kids took it. After a long search I eventually found it about where I left it.

At a couple points in the dream I almost fell off a dead end road. The second time I nearly died, someone else was driving. The dream then led to me and a group of people being at the mall. There was something like a bad train wreck there.

As the dream moved along it got worse. For some reason the cops were after us, and somehow I had gotten a gun. We or I had later done something wrong and the police were looking for us. I or one of us shot someone, maybe a cop, in the leg or arm. Not to kill him, but to stop him from shooting is, and so we could escape from him. We were now in more trouble. Next we were back at the mall and an older police officer saw us and came at us with his gun drawn. I felt I was innocent, but he didn't know the story. I pulled a gun on him actually before he could get to his and ordered him to drop his weapon. People were coming after us and I may have shot at them. My grandfather showed up. The older cop knew my grandfather and said he had a gay crush on him or something like that. He was telling my grandfather to shoot me, but my grandfather was conflicted and didn't want to shoot me or the cop...? He was so emotionally pulled that he shot himself. The older cop either shot himself or I or one of us shot him dead.

We were all now in trouble, not that we killed anyone directly, but that we caused people to die indirectly. We were back at their house discussing what we had done. One person said we deserve to die and should kill our selves, and he did. A couple people in the group were girls. At first I agreed to go along, but after three of them killed themselves, I felt I couldn't do it and that I wasn't totally guilty and could live with what I had done. I checked the guns and we only had one bullet left in the weaker gun. I remember saying I just wanted to call home and say goodbye. I was crying while on the phone and couldn't explain things to my mother who was expecting me home for a dinner she made for me and my father. I ended up not killing myself and left. I left, but was at my grandmothers. She had heard about what happened on the news which was on TV right then, but she hadn't heard that my grandfather died until I pointed to show her was playing on the TV at that moment. She was very upset, but didn't seem as devastated as I would expect. Then the dream ended.

Earlier at some point, I was at my uncles in Easton and he had bought this crazy zoo/farm where he was breeding all sorts of strange things. For one, he had a shrimp farm. Then there were some other crazy looking mammal creatures that he was breeding, like these odd looking prairie dogs that were cute looking, but covered in their own faeces. Just strange. But interesting that all the dreams involved my immediate family.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had a serious talk with his girlfriend. She was upset with him because they had gone out the night before and he had drank too much. over the past holidays she felt he had been drinking too much and over doing things. She felt he was acting more like a 21 year old instead of acting his age, 30.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams show our own inner voices. The discussions within our heads. The various symbols represent a particular point of view or feeling. Here its obvious to see what triggered the dream. The serious talk the night before is an obvious trigger anyway. Yet the symbolism seems very consistent.

The dream depicts some situation where the dreamer is accused or believed to have committed a terrible act. In truth though this recreates the situation inside his own head. He feels unjustly blamed as in the dream

Forget the details of the dream. Just look at core emotions and what is happening beneath the surface. Something bad happens - he gets blamed. There is a strong link to reality.

The dream ends with the dreamer being asked to kill himself. Yet he - as in real life - feels that the so called offences he committed do not justify death. So he it shows how he feels as if his girlfriend is overreacting. Making a big deal out of something which was not so bad.

Yet he also recognizes how bad things looked. No one was there to see what really happened. It shows how he realizes how his girlfriend must see things. He has been forced into a corner. He realizes how bad things looked on the surface and so has been forced into admitting how badly he acted.

Together then the dream pieces together a set of complex emotions. Feelings of guilt, and a need to be punished. Also a sense of how bad things looked. These just together show how he felt at the time. Every emotion and judgement is caught.

Symbolic Meanings
ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING : "This depicts how the dreamer sees the night before. things happened more accidentally. Things just happened"
GUILT: "The dreamer feels no guilt at how he reacted in real life. He did something bad but how he acted was not so hideous"
SNOWBOARD : "Snowboards are associated with people 21 years old or younger. The dreamers girlfriend thinks he is acting too irresponsibly like a 21 year old "
SHOOT HIMSELF: "Probably linking to his girlfriends belief that he should punish himself for what he did. He should realize his crime and admit his guilt"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My girlfriend had this long sit down with me. She is angry at me for drinking too much and acting in an irresponsible way. Yet I do not really agree with this. If she only understood how things really happened then she would see why things happened. I feel unjustly treated. She is just overreacting"

See how the Symbolic meanings portray a key feeling that the dreamer had about something that happened the night before. The dream symbolism actually portrays complex emotions and analysis.

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