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Having sex with friend - dream symbolism

A dream about a girl having sex with a female did not reveal any lesbian tendencies. Instead this was a symbol of the dreamers emotional intimacy with this person.

THE DREAM - I had a very short dream which felt so realistic to me this morning. I was in my bed sleeping on my back and I woke up because with my friend on top of me. She was wrapping her hands around my neck and both of us were fully clothed me with what I was wearing and her with what she was wearing yesterday. We were having sex (I've never had sex before). At first I wanted her to get off me but she held my arms strongly and then I found myself accepting it and enjoying it that I wrapped my hands around her waist.

THE REALITY The dreamer was a college student and had become attached to a staff member who was married with children. They were both female and it was very much a mother daughter relationship. Her friend had helped her improve her social skills. Her friend was about to go home to another country for the vacation. The previous day was their last day together. Most of the staff had already gone home so she was alone. Her friend was crying because of some work related stress. The dreamer went over to her and started to cry too.

DREAM SYMBOLISM Dreams use symbols. So often sex in dreams does not mean sex. The previous day the dreamer and her friend had spent an emotional and intimate moment together as her friend had started crying. This dream is undoubtedly triggered by this event. The moment was very intense. The dream uses sex as a symbol of intimacy. Sex is physical intimacy and this real life situation was a highly intimate emotional moment. The dream had an uncomfortable feel to it which maybe linked to the dreamers shyness. She had never had a sexual relationship.

Symbolic Meanings
SEX : " The dream uses sexual intimacy as a symbol for an emotionally intimate moment the day before "
UNCOMFORTABLE : " The dreamer was lacking in social skills. Her friend had helped her. This real life moment the day before made her feel slightly uncomfortable. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - " Yesterday I had a very intimate moment with my friend. She cried and I started crying. It felt a little peculiar. I am not used to such emotional openness and intimacy. "

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