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Dream analysis - Michael Moore

Dreams use associations. This dream featured Michael Moore and the dreamer always thought of his ex boss when he heard that name because his ex boss was a big fan of him. So when Michael Moore appeared in this dream we may guess that the dream could be about his ex boss. Since he had been thinking about his ex boss its likely that this dream related in some way to those thoughts.

THE DREAM - I am at some kind of event. Apparently their is a benefactor being held for Michael Moore.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been talking to a former co-worker. The dreamer always felt as if he was appreciated by his former co-worker. But when talking to his ex co-worker the day before he got the impression that his ex boss would not want him back in the company.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams use associations. This dream featured Michael Moore and the dreamer always associated Michael Moore with his former boss. Since his former boss had featured the previous day in a conversation then its almost certain that this dream relates to that conversation.

Dream interpretation is extremely difficult and actually its better to look at what your thoughts and feelings are and then look for evidence of them in a dream. Most dreams do tend to link to the day before the dream. So look to then for the issues which were alive in your mind then.

Here we know the dreamer was somewhat surprised at what his former bosses opinion of him was. The dreamer associated benefactors with sportsmen who have served their clubs well. So that was obviously linked to the themes of the real life situation. Although the dreamer left the company in difficult circumstances he felt he had been a valued employee up until that time. He felt that his former boss should appreciate him more for his effort and contribution.

Dreams focus on changes in our feelings. So look for little changes in your perceptions.

Symbolic Meanings
BENEFACTOR : "showing appreciation for a valued servant - the dreamer feels as if he should be more appreciated by his former boss"
MICHAEL MOORE : "the dreamer personally associated Michael Moore with his former boss"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I always felt I had a close relationship with my former co-workers but apparently my boss wouldn't want me back at all. Its totally changed my perceptions of my former boss. I felt connected to the company before but now I do not. I always put in maximum effort."

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