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Late for work - dream interpreting

This dreamer realised during his sleep that he had forgotten to set his alarm. This dream explores the worst possible scenario where he fails to get to work on time.

THE DREAM I had a really vivid dream which shook me. I was late for work. My boss,Chris Moyles, was looking at me as if he was really very disappointed in me. I had arrived at eleven five hours late. I woke up and immediately checked my alarm. I had forgotten to set it.

THE REALITY The dreamer (Dominic) worked on an early morning radio show (The Chris Moyles Show). He has to get up early each morning. In real life he had forgotten to set his alarm.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have forgotten to set my alarm. If I do not set it I will be late for work. When I wake up I will have to remember to set my alarm"

THE INTERPRETATION This dream is obviously very literal. The dreamer obviously was thinking and feeling during sleep. He obviously had the ability to remember he had not performed a very vital task. This dream was a real attempt to remind him. It really shocked him into waking up and to then check his alarm. The dreamer worked on a high pressure national radio station. He was in a job where high standards were required. The dream obviously plays out a worst possible scenario. It reveals and proves that we can think and make judgements in dreams.

Symbolic Meanings
BOSS DISAPOINTED : "The dreamer either truly values his job and wishes to please his boss. Or He is scared of his boss and fears losing his job if He does not perform to the highest standards"
LATE : "the dreamer was aware of the possibility he might be late if his alarm was not set"

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